Youth/Preschool Soccer Classes

Little Star Kickers LLC

Middleton, Cross Plains, Mout Horeb, and Waunakee


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Little Star Kickers LLC is a complete soccer program for boys and girls 3-6 years old.  Not all children develop at the same rate and our dynamic soccer classes allow every child to have a chance to play and improve through our specifically designed games and drills.  Our goal is for the kids to learn soccer with a smile on their face, and look forward to every class throughout the session. 

Hurry up Spring, this winter stinks!

Spring classes are now available, click on your location for more details and links for registration.  

 Ever watch a four or five year old soccer game, a herd of children chasing a ball and only a few able to kick it? Usually after a few minutes some kids lose interest and start picking dandelions on the field. This is what we do not want and why Little Star Kickers is a great program. Every child gets to play and enjoy each class. We work up to scrimmaging through introductory drills and fun games. They may not be ready for the World Cup after one session, but all will have scored many goals, learned to work with others, improved their motor coordination, and hopefully finished class with a big smile on their face.