Youth/Preschool Soccer Classes

Little Star Kickers LLC

Middleton, Cross Plains, Mout Horeb, and Waunakee

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"Thank you so much for all your enthusiasm and skill!  You are an awesome soccer coach and we feel lucky to have had you teaching our children!  Don't ever stop!"       -Stacy

About Little Star Kickers

Fall Parent Testimonial

Little Star Kickers was created and developed by Sam Koeppe.  I grew up in the Madison area and attended Middleton High School.  I received my undergraduate degree from University of WI-Oshkosh, where I studied English and Business. 

I have been coaching sports for 10 years including tennis, cycling, and soccer.  Prior to Little Star Kickers I was coaching in Maui with a program called Pro Kids Soccer specializing with kids 2-6.  In the over three years with this program I learned and developed special drills and games specifically for ages three, four, five, and six year olds.


I brought the experience I gained in Maui back to Wisconsin and continue to grow and expand my coaching ability and understanding of working with kids 2-6 in age.  Every session I learn something new about this fun age and how to improve the kids experience with Little Star Kickers.  

As a juvenile diabetic, I see the value sports and exercise have on my life daily and hope I am able to share my enjoyment with kids through Little Star Kickers.

"Thanks for being a great first soccer coach.  It was really nice to see my son so engaged and having fun while learning lots of basic soccer skills .  You are very good at what you do.  I would highly recommend Little Star Kickers to anyone".  Kristin F