Youth/Preschool Soccer Classes

Little Star Kickers LLC

Middleton, Cross Plains, Mout Horeb, and Waunakee

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Full general details for classes

Three year old classes focus on building motor coordination, learning to share and cooperate with others, and developing the very basic skills of soccer (using feet not hands). For the three year old classes I generally start with a 5 minute warm up including running, hopping, skipping, stretching etc. The next 30 minutes is split into games and drills I have created specifically for this age. The last 5 minutes each child scores a goal, receives a sticker, and does our team cheer.

The four year old classes focus on motor coordination, learning to work with teammates to complete a goal, and are introduced to scrimmaging. The schedule of time for the four year old kids is similar to the three year old kids except for 10 minutes of a coached scrimmage at the end of the class.

The five and six year old classes focus on motor coordination, learning to work as a team against other teams, and beginning the development of necessary skills to successfully play in competitive soccer games. The schedule of the five year old class is 5 minutes warm up, 20 minutes of games and drills specifically developed for this age group, and then about 20 minutes of coached scrimmaging. I end all classes with a sticker for each child and our team cheer.

A parent provided this video from the first week of last session 3 year old class.

What are classes like?